Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Why Kerry?

The last election was about being anti-Bush. America did not get a chance to know John Kerry until late in the election. Kerry is the candidate for America. He will restore our place in the world community working to build alliances instead of alienating allies. He knows the proper place for religion in regards to government. He uses religion to build his idea of a better world and not to impose it on others. He is an activist in the environmental movement and this world needs an America that respects and values the environment. He is a veteran and understands war. We need that experience as we deal with the war on terror as well as the conflict in Iraq. Kerry is intelligent and coherent. This is not the time for just another buddy as President. We need a leader with the understanding and capability to lead this nation back onto the right course. This nation cannot tolerate another four or eight more years without the leadership that Kerry can provide.

There, that's a little bit more about why I am writing. I am sure that there will be many blogs for Kerry as we go on. I hope so. Please join in and contribute here with your comments as well!



Welcome to a new blog for Kerry! I didn't have a blog for Kerry in 2004 but am delighted to jump in early for John Kerry in 2008. The nation does need a Massachusetts liberal! Please join in the discussion here and let's start talking about 2008. John Kerry gave it his best shot in 2004 and lost by the smallest of margin. We can do it if we do it together!